What is this “longevity” diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You’ll have heard of the Longevity Food regimen, and its promise to increase life – however what precisely is it and is it totally different from different diets that promote good well being? The Longevity Food regimen is a set of consuming suggestions compiled by biochemist Walter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute on the … Read more

Matt Jones from West Ham provides insight into nutrition at a Premier League club | football news

When Matt Jones ruptured his cruciate ligament twice earlier than he turned 20, any hopes of turning into an elite athlete pale. Happily for him, the silver lining was proper in entrance of his eyes. The trade has not been reduce off from him eternally. “Through the second interval of restoration, I began studying about … Read more

Why the White House wants nutrition labels on the front of food packaging: NPR

The White Home is proposing Medicare pilot applications to cowl medically designed meals — just like the one on this file picture — in addition to diet and weight problems counseling. Charles Krupa / AFP Disguise caption Caption change Charles Krupa / AFP The White Home is proposing Medicare pilot applications to cowl medically designed … Read more

What distinguishes superfoods?

Abstract: Researchers are questioning if the so-called “superfoods” are actually nearly as good for you as folks declare, and in that case, how they need to be consumed as a part of a balanced food plan. supply: College of New South Wales Everybody has heard the outdated saying: “An apple a day retains the physician … Read more

Eat more of these carbs – even supplements make a big difference

Excessive-fiber meals choices embrace bananas, whole-wheat bread, apples, and broccoli. Human intestine advanced to thrive on fermentable fiber, not burgers. It may be tough for patrons to select from the wide selection of dietary fiber dietary supplements within the drugstore or grocery store aisle. In addition they make a wide range of well being claims … Read more

5 healthy aging tips for a long life from a longevity expert

Most of us hope to age effectively and reside a protracted life. And whereas researchers have lengthy believed that an individual’s longevity is set primarily by genetics and household historical past, specialists are starting to find that there are a lot of items to the puzzle. Analysis now exhibits that different components corresponding to surroundings, … Read more

Adding these grains to your diet can help prevent diabetes

Quinoa is a false grain from the Andes mountains with exceptionally excessive dietary worth and well being advantages. Credit score: Daniel Mugford Changing quinoa grains with quinoa reduces the rise in blood glucose after meals. Consuming quinoa often may help stop kind 2 diabetes. That is the principle conclusion of a examine by Diana Daz … Read more